Porcelain Fused to Non-Precious

Pentron Alloys Rexillium III

Nickel based alloy

74-78% Ni, 12-14%Cr.,.15-.5% Al, 1.8% Be,

.15% -.5% Ti, 5-9% Mo, Cu, Zn, Ir, In

Jeneric Pentron


Used for Maryland bridges, can be chemically etched.

*WARNING: Not to be used on patients with allergy to nickel.


Pentron Alloys Rexillium CC

A nickel free and beryllium free based alloy option

Co 60%, Cr 26%, Ta 8.5%, Mo 4.5% Al 3%, Mn 1%, Hf 1%

Jeneric Pentron

Nickel free. Beryllium free.